Sunday, July 22, 2018

'Lillies of Heaven, Monumental Cemetery, Milan, Italy' - by K.J.S.Chatrath

The Monumental Cemetery of Milan, Italy is more than just a simple cemetery. It is an extraordinary outdoor museum. It is as if some of the great sculptors of the 1900s were called together to elaborate and reflect on a particularly demanding theme, to be precise, death.

And those who imagine this cemetery as an especially sad place are mistaken. In reality, it presents itself as a pleasant place to visit, filled with inscriptions that invite you to remember those who have gone before, rich with information and accompanied by interesting artistic detail.

The cemetery is comprised of three distinct zones: the central one hosts the tombs of catholic families and persons, that to the right facing the facade, is reserved for Jewish persons, while the left is dedicated to non-Catholics.

From an architectural perspective, you can catch a glimpse of both Romanic and Gothic traces.
Let us take a look at ‘Lillies of Heaven’. It is the title of the tomb got constructed in 1916 by Ettore Elisi (1869-1932), the owner of the Hotel de France (Milan) for his family and in memory of his daughter Adriana, who died in 1913 at the age of 9. 

Fransesco Penna (1865-1927), a sculptor who was quite active in the cemetery, and often interpreted elegiac themes where female and child figures predominated. Created one of his finest works in this case in which the late Liberty accents lend themselves to the flowing lines and upward motion of the sculptured group.

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